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مركز صفية علي كانو للفنون (الطابق الثالث)، بوغزال، مملكة البحرين

The First Learning Alley in East Riffa, Bahrain

The First Learning Alley in East Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2019

The first learning alley to be introduced in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a prototype is located in Riffa. The alley is in a low traffic area approximately 40m in length and 5m in width. The aim of this project is to serve as a shared community space, where children would learn, play, and get educated, as the elders enjoy their spare time. The alley has helped the community to collaborate with one another. In addition to providing the street with greenery by planting, the design calls for sustainability using solar powered lighting and the use of irrigation system done by using the building’s air conditioning. This leads the project to be treated not only as a community gathering space, but also as a canvas for the artists to set their creativity free by adding vibrant colors, art, and graffiti to showcase their local creative artistic potential.

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