Road No 1136 East, Riffa, Bahrain


About Safeya Ali Mohamed Kanoo

Who once said that “My paintings are my children, and I prefer that my works tell you who I am

Mrs Safeya is one of Bahrain’s pioneering women artists and philanthropists, who began her artistic career at the age of seventeen to become one of the leading Bahraini painters, as she was distinguished by her beautiful style of classical and modern painting.

Mrs Safeya has a track record of charitable work, where she contributed to the support and financing of many charitable initiatives and projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain, including the Safeya Ali Kanoo Unit in Muharraq Hospital,Khalil Bin Ebrahim Kanoo Ward, Salman Bin Khalil Kanoo Ward for Elderly Care in Muharraq Hospital, and Abdulla Khalil Kanoo Pediatrics Oncology Ward at Salmaniya Medical Complex,Safeya Ali Kanoo Mosque in Tubli, andSafeya Ali Mohamed Kanoo Hub for Arts and Handcrafts in Bu Ghazal.

She was awarded First Class Efficiency Medal for the years 2001 and 2012. She was also awarded many Honors and certificates in appreciation of her efforts in supporting and financing charitable initiatives and projects in the youth, women, and children’s sector.

Safeya Ali Mohamed Kanoo Hub for                        Arts and Handcrafts

This Hub was built with full funding by Mrs. Safeya as an example of the way in which she presents her aid and support to charitable projects, She excelled when she combined her vision as a creative artist with the joint development and social goals with the Bahrain Trust Foundation, which resulted in a hub capable of empowering owners of small and household businesses to opening new horizons and developmental visions for them, by providing workshop spaces, necessary resources, and courses to take those works to the professionalism that they aspire to.