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مركز صفية علي كانو للفنون (الطابق الثالث)، بوغزال، مملكة البحرين


Volunteerism is a humanitarian act carried out voluntarily, without compulsion and without material gain, through which people contribute to a better society. This behavior promotes values and principles and circulates the idea of cooperation and community partnership in a beautiful, civilized and moral manner, through which a volunteer acquires a lot of life experiences.

The Foundation undertakes the following:

  • Volunteer certificate upon completion of required volunteer hours annually.
  • Professional Certificate for Training Workshops accredited by Bahrain Trust Foundation.
  • Get a monthly publication of the organization's activities through email.
  • Get invitations to participate in the organization’s activities through email.
  • Get a discount on the Good will Trip Program (discount determined by volunteer hours).
  • Nomination for the organization's Best Volunteer Award on International Volunteer Day.

The volunteer undertakes the following:

  • Volunteer agrees to work at least 4 volunteering hours per month.
  • Commitment to the contract in terms of duration and timing to obtain his/her rights.
  • The volunteer agrees to unpaid work in accordance with the internationally recognized volunteering conditions.
  • The volunteer shall undertake not to disclose, directly or indirectly, any report, publication, disclosure, transfer or use of any information obtained in BTF without prior written permission from the Foundation.
  • The volunteer shall pledge not to use any information gained from BTF projects that were directly or indirectly coordinated with other competing entities without the written approval of BTF.

Fields of volunteer work


Administrative work includes secretarial work, management of files and electronic information, editing content and information lists, and research, which could serve the volunteer in their university and work life.

Educational Activities

The volunteer should be able to do field work (depending on the field) or work remotely, where he/she has the academic qualifications or professional experience that qualify him/her to work in the field of scientific and special education. This includes teaching, dealing with children of determination and special education for those who need educational guidance or those who have learning difficulties. The educational activities of the organization include:

  • Giving classes in the hospital school in the morning.
  • In person or remote remedial courses.
  • Workshops and activities for students.
  • Awareness-raising lectures.
Mental health

The volunteer should be qualified to work in the field of mental health directly with the patients of the organization's schools and should be able to support them and their families psychologically through rehabilitation programs suitable for each category.

Public Relations

The volunteer should be able to work in the field of design and photography, create promotional material for the foundation via social media, organize and manage trips, activities and events.

Charity Projects

The foundation works on projects inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain. A volunteer in this field campaigns for fundraising for these projects and communicates with ministries, companies and the banking and commercial sector for this purpose.

Crafts and micro-business Support

The foundation provides services for productive families in the Kingdom of Bahrain and for creative and ambitious young people under the name "Dikkan Elfereej". The volunteer prepares plans for the participants and makes appropriate arrangements to produce encouraging and stimulating exhibitions in this field.

Maintenance and Services

Young Bahrainis possess the skills to engage in maintenance work, such as electricity, vehicles, construction, dyeing and plumbing and other services that can be supported by the Foundation.


Volunteers in this field should market/promote the organization's programs and projects, collaborating with public relations on a work plan that includes communicating the event in the best way and to the largest network of people.

Events Organization

Organize and arrange organization’s community events for all categories of people, in addition to events for children with special needs and children of determination.


Skills are diverse and a volunteer at any level can provide community engagement services with all that has been mentioned; whoever has any experience or skills can contribute to the development of any volunteer work with which we are honored to cooperate. Please type in the custom box (100 words).

Please kindly read all the terms and conditions before signing or sending the form. For any inquiries, please contact the e-mail to

Personal Information

Education & Work Experience

Fields of Volunteer Work


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