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مركز صفية علي كانو للفنون (الطابق الثالث)، بوغزال، مملكة البحرين

da vinci training program

The Da Vinci Training Program
Official Sponsor Tamkeen
Program Partners RAK

What is the Da Vinci Program?

Da Vinci’s training program is a pioneering program in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the creative field. It targets unemployed graduates of Bachelor of Arts and Design programs with the aim of reinforcing and enhancing their technical skills to meet the demands and needs of the labor market. The program also targets business owners looking to grow their businesses and broaden employment opportunities in their fields.

The Da Vinci Training Program provides the relevant training environment in terms of a distinguished location in the Safeya Ali Kanoo Hub for Arts and Handicrafts, and in terms of modern labs and studios following international specifications for training in the delivered workshops. A group of academic experts, professional artists and entrepreneurs lead the training in this program.

Tamkeen supports the cost of training unemployed graduates of the Bachelor of Arts and Design programs, and start-up entrepreneurs in early art project stages. Those accepted into the program must register for all 20 workshops, according to the dates of their presentation, and undertake to attend.

Admission requirements for graduates of arts and design programs:

  1. Applicant must be Bahraini.
  2. Must have a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, graphic design or both.
  3. Must have at least the beginner level in specialized Graphic Design workshops (appended to the mid- and advanced-level phrase).
  4. Must be a recent graduate or registered as a job seeker with the Ministry of Labor.
  5. To pass a personal interview and a portfolio’s evaluation of his art.

         Program Modules

    1. Management, curation and coordination of art exhibitions and meetings
      1. Basic principles for organizing actual art exhibitions.
      2. The basics of designing and coordinating virtual art galleries, and virtual reality in artwork
      3. The basics of preparing and presenting workshops (for trainees) and organizing seminars and workshops with artists.
    2. Graphic Design 
      1. Fundamentals of freehand and digital jewelry design.
      2. Basics of fashion design.
      3. Digital Illustration using Illustrator, Procreate, Intermediate and Advanced level.
      4. 3D design using Blender, intermediate and advanced levels.
      5. Motion graphics using After Effects and Premiere programs, intermediate and advanced level.
      6. The Art of Digital Illustration for Children’s Stories, Intermediate and Advanced level.
      7. Editorial Design for Publication, Intermediate and Advanced level.
      8. Packaging design.
      9. Brand design and visual identity.

        Duration of the program: 4 months (in addition to the period required to prepare the public exhibition)

           3. Artwork Marketing

      1. Fundamentals of Developing and Marketing Art Products.
      2. Professional photography of art products.
      3. Digital marketing for creative promotion.

           4. Miscellaneous skills in Fine Arts/Methods in teaching Arts

        1. Fundamentals of methods in teaching arts.
        2. Design and production of technical teaching aids.
        3. Fundamentals of classroom Management.
        4. Fundamentals in the art of sculpture: Executing a three-dimensional model with clay, making a mold for it, and casting it (gypsum or fiberglass).
        5. Fundamentals in Ceramics: Design and Implementation of Shields and Gifts.
        6. The basics and concept of printing with different techniques.
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