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مركز صفية علي كانو للفنون (الطابق الثالث)، بوغزال، مملكة البحرين

Hospital micro schools

In an effort to ensure the provision of education to children who are unable to attend school for long periods of treatment due to medical needs, Bahrain Trust Foundation introduced the school programme “3alimny” as a hospital school model applied around the world.

The first hospital school in the Kingdom of Bahrain was inaugurated at the Salmaniya Medical Complex in 2017. The school has two classes, the first in the pediatric oncology ward 202 and the second in ward 31, which is designated for children suffering from different medical conditions. The official opening of the school under the name “Deena Kanoo micro-school” was in 2019 with the support and sponsorship of the respected Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Moayyed. To continue to support the education of children with medical needs, the second hospital school was established in 2022 at the King Hamad University Hospital with the support of the Kingdom’s dignitaries.

The hospital school programme “3alimny” provides several educational services to hospitalized students to support their education and develop their academic skills, in addition to exploring and refining their academic and creative competencies. The services are provided within the hospital and outside it.

The hospital school is a single, multistage classroom which includes children of different ages, abilities and backgrounds, and where the teaching emphasis is on the student as an individual. Modern teaching methods such as project-based learning and learning based on the STEAM approach are adopted. The STEAM approach promotes self-learning and collaborative learning in a variety of ways, the most important of which is modern technology.

King Hamad University Hospital

We would like to invite you to register your child in 3alimny educational program for children who are forced to stay in hospital to benefit from the educational and training services offered by the program. To provide a teaching/learning environment that encourages students for continuous interaction, cooperation among each other.Learn more…

Salmaniya Medical Complex

We would like to invite you to register your child at our educational program in Salmaniya Medical Complex, to take advantage of the educational services provided. This program provides a learning environment that allows students who are forced to stay for long periods of time at Salmaniya Medical Complex, to interact and cooperate and have social interaction among each other, teachers and our volunteers.Learn more…

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