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مركز صفية علي كانو للفنون (الطابق الثالث)، بوغزال، مملكة البحرين

Micro-Business Support

Dikkan Elfereej

Dikkan Elfereej is a business incubator and accelerator. It helps startups to grow. It provides a supportive business ecosystem that includes programs, which help startups, solve problems associated with their business, provide a space to work and market their product, seed funding, mentoring, training and other benefits. It creates an opportunity for every micro-business owner to market and sell their products locally and globally.

Safiyya Ali Kanoo Hub

The Safiyya Kanoo Hub for Arts and Crafts will act as an oasis for the production and marketing of products of a high level of Bahraini craftsmanship and will also include a gallery for Dikkan ElFereej. The project is a center that includes many of the existing projects of Bahrain Trust Foundation which aim to economically empower Bahraini craftsmen and start-up businesses. It is an oasis for the production and marketing of high-level products made by Bahraini craftsmen . The center will include the first incubator of arts and crafts in Bahrain.  The center also aims to support craftsmen, artists, and owners of business ideas and home-based projects in the field of arts and crafts by providing workshops and resources that they need, developing their art and creating opportunities for joint cooperation between the craftsmen, and setting up training workshops in coordination with specialized agencies in the field of development, in addition to providing training and development sessions for new craftsmen. This gives opportunities for banks to finance such projects such as the Family Bank, Ebdaa Bank, in cooperation with Tamkeen, and the Bahrain Development Bank to provide financial and technical support for the project .

Entrepreneurs Training

Training is an essential component of the ecosystem that we want to create to develop our local artisans and small business owners.

Product Marketing

Marketing is one of the major challenges that faces any business startup. In BTF we created an online e-shop to market the products of our artisans along with the social media platforms.


Goal 8 – Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Goal 9 – Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

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